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Ever wonder what would happen if you took the best of the tried-and-true, and through careful effort made something entirely new?  What would happen if there was a group with a sound devised to win over a new audience while indulging the nostalgia of an older, established base?  A group as classic as any in the industry, ready with the professional style to thrill crowds of all ages?

Listen closely to THE FONICS.  If your ears were like little mouths, you'd eat these guys up like candy!

A group of tested, professional artists joined together to fill an insatiable desire for classic R&B, THE FONICS step onto the scene to meet sky-high expectations.  Providing authentic renditions of an extensive R&B catalogue, THE FONICS are packaged and ready to make their contribution to the R&B landscape.

THE FONICS are more than Marvin, Steve and Johnnie.  They're a lot of different people with different talents working together to developed rich and long lasting relationships with the public and the industry.  It's refreshing.  And it's “for real”.

THE FONICS.  Classic R&B.


Marvin Brown

Marvin BrownHis career began in the early 70's, when Baltimore was a wellspring of soulful sound.  As founding member of the Softones, Marvin Brown was both lead singer and co-author of such hits as “My Dream” and “Carla My Love”.

As lead tenor for THE FONICS, Marvin brings critical story and scale to the group.  At the 1st note, you uncover a powerful vocal quality that turns ordinary words into assets of vivid, often heart-breaking expression.

Most recently Marvin has dedicated himself to serving the community through the administration of drug treatment programs for the city of Baltimore.  Constantly exceeding expectations, Marvin is currently a doctorial candidate in the field of Psychology.  When asked how does one reconcile two seemingly contrary pursuits, Marvin indicates, “No one particular thing defines any of us.  Education should always be used as a way to learn more about ourselves.  The more I learn, the more I have to put into the music.”

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Steve Jackson

Marvin Brown Accurately called “Mr. Everything” by industry locals, Steve Jackson is a versatile 1st Tenor, 2nd Tenor, Bass and Baritone for THE FONICS.  As an innovative and respected member of the Softones, Steve's vocal stylings can be heard on the group's 1st and 2nd albums.

Along with his elegant and direct vocal work, Steve creates striking vocal imagery by devising imaginative improvisations for THE FONICS.  The king of the “oohs and ahs”, Steve has a natural talent for designing arrangements with popular appeal.

Fully integrated into his lifestyle is the intense desire to pass on a life of accumulated blessings and knowledge.  As father, teacher and musical & choir director for his church, Steve does just that.

When asked what his musical career means to him, Steve attributes a simple, powerful concept, “A piece of my heart and soul goes into all my projects.  In the end, I'm happy if everyone leaves with a tiny piece of what fits into their own personal story.  When the music is good it can do that, and more.”

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Johnnie Johnson

Marvin Brown A resident of Washington, DC, Johnnie Johnson has been a performing member of the Delfonics since 1979.  As a vocalist for THE FONICS, “J.J.” brings versatility and strong professional credentials to the group, key ingredients in their ability to authentically cover a wide range of songs from any classic R&B hit list.

J.J. actively participates in a host of community programs including “The Magic Johnson Youth Foundation” among others.  He consistently lends his weight to the fund-raising activities of a number of corporate organizations including The Freddie Mac Foundation and The Washington Post.

Johnnie has a unique and precise ear for impeccable harmony, both in the music industry and in life.  When asked what he attributes this ability to he states, “I try to bring out the beauty around me, in the music naturally, but also in the audience.  When I make people smile, that just sounds good to me.”

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